Magnus & Novus | Q&A


Magnus & Novus | Q&A


Do I need to make an appointment?

Whilst it is not necessary to make an appointment to visit our store in Hong Kong, we encourage our customers, particularly new visitors to schedule a time to avoid waiting time upon arrival and to allocate a sufficient time slot for our team to introduce themselves, our house style and service offering.

How long will it take to have my suits / garments made?

For first time customers we would typically require a minimum of three visits. Overall, two to three weeks will be sufficient depending on your availability and the time of the year. For regular customers, we often only require one further fitting, as and when necessary.

I am in Hong Kong for a short stay, can I still commission made-to-order or bespoke garments?

As part of our bespoke service, we can expedite a basted fitting for short stay clients, typically within 48 hours, on a case by case basis, for traveling clients. Please call the store to provide us with more details on your requirement and schedule.

On our made-to-order service, products will be shipped to the customer once completed. 

Our showroom also carries a selection of hand crafted ready-to-wear garments. Our in-house tailor can perform same day alterations where viable. 

How do I care for my garments?

Industrial dry cleaning can strip cloth of its natural oils, with a loss of lustre, texture and colour. Sponge and press service prolongs the life of your clothes.

The generous inlays to the body seams allow for the future. Our alteration tailors are on the premises.

Do you carry out repairs and alterations?

We can alter or repair garments that we have made for our customers on a lifetime complimentary basis.

What is the standard fitting procedure for new customers?

Step 1 / Consultation

At your first meeting detailed measurements and photos will be taken.

From listening to your lifestyle and needs, we will help you decide on the garment details and fit. You will be guided through our timeless wardrobe collection for inspiration and through an extensive range of cloths, including the finest English and Italian mills.

Step 2 / First Fitting

In this fitting you will try on your garments basted fitting.

The garment will be adjusted according to how you will most likely be wearing it, for example, the alignment of your shoulders to your unique posture.

After this first fitting your garment will be taken apart and re-handsewn incorporating these latest adjustments with your pattern being revised accordingly.

Step 3 / Second Fitting

We are near completion. This is the opportunity to make any final adjustments to the garment.

A more refined and precise shaping will happen to further ensure the ideal fit.

Your tailor will be looking at all the details, for example, checking your jacket is showing enough cuff, that the trousers are breaking perfectly on the shoes.

If any tweaks are needed then, once again your pattern will be revised accordingly, ready for the next commission.

Step 4 / Completion & Delivery

A final fitting to check over the details….

Once completed it is ready for you to wear and enjoy for years to come. We leave fabric in the seams for any adjustments you may require in the future as your body shape changes.

What Cloths & Merchants do we carry?

Magnus & Novus offers a diverse range of cloths and merchants for bespoke, ensuring opportunities for creativity. Various weights and cloth compositions allow for the curation of a truly timeless wardrobe across the full spectrum of dress decorum and four seasons. Cloth utility, longevity and versatility ensure that each Magnus & Novus bespoke garment is cherished and cared for over time. Our selection of cloth includes, but not limited by, the below. Please enquire in-store or at customer@magnusandnovus.com for specific cloth availability.