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Iconic Menswear | Magnus & Novus

The Learned Man


Iconic Menswear | Magnus & Novus

The Learned Man


'Ideals of bespoke condensed, purveyors of hand crafted timeless requisites'

/ Iconic Menswear

Magnus & Novus Hand Crafted Bespoke Tailoring

Central to Magnus & Novus is the elevation of the gentleman’s wardrobe. Combining both functional and aesthetic processes of age-old craft, our iconic menswear collection covers the full spectrum of dress decorum. From timeless requisites for the workplace, handsome ensembles for those evening rendevous, through to leisure wear in celluloid spectacle. Enter our world to take a glimpse of iconic menswear.

/ Humanist Enterprise

Luxury Accessories For Bespoke Menswear Tailoring

As a humanist enterprise and purveyor of ethical production, our in-house artisans and couturiers globally lay the foundations for knowledge sharing, for a greater cause, one that is centred on the preservation and development of skilled artisans for generations to come. A journey towards defying the perennial limitations of age-old craft together with an enduring pursuit for timeless requisites.

/ 5,000 Hand Stitches

Hand Padded Chest Full Canvas Suiting

At Magnus & Novus, each creation tells a rich history. Iconic pieces covering the menswear collection are brought to life in-house and handmade by the world's finest artisans. By nurturing and developing our own workshop and supporting couturiers globally, Magnus & Novus is fortunate to evolve heritage fine arts towards a new standard of functional and aesthetic craft (before sewing machines).