Complimentary Lifetime In-House Alterations Service

Bespoke garments are intended to last a lifetime, a companion that will age and wear better through time. To preserve the longevity of your garments, the correct maintenance and care procedures will yield real dividends.

/ Bespoke Suiting Care

For bespoke suits, after a days wear, moisture is collected that makes the fibres more vulnerable to friction and therefore damage, similar to fine leather shoes. Simply hanging your garments outside your wardrobe with a dehumidifier nearby will help to draw aways excess moisture and odor whilst allowing the natural fibres to unwind, the same principle is applied to shoe trees for fine leather shoes. Rotating garment wear every day or two is therefore the single most effective way to ensuring sufficient rest period and aiding longevity of the garment.

Where garments are stained, spoiled by perspiration, require pressing or storing away, specialist dry cleaners should be engaged. Indeed, not all dry cleaners are created equal and frequent industrial dry cleaning can over time strip cloth of its natural oils, with a loss of lustre, texture and colour, it is therefore important to engage specialists that provide a range of services that include traditional hand washing or pressing and access to the purest (and where possible, greenest) of solvents for dry cleaning to ensure longevity of the most delicate & natural fibres.

/ Shirting Care

With shirting typically being the single most laundered or dry cleaned garment, bespoke shirting with fine cottons, silk or cashmere blends would benefit from traditional services such as hand washing and soaking, alleviating wear around the collar points / cuffs and encouraging longevity. 

/ Garment Pressing

Finally, often overlooked is the quality of pressing of garments post dry cleaning. The enduring and functional attributes of the hand stitched interlining and canvas of our jacketing, consisting of over 5,000 hand stitches, is intended to move and mould to the body over time. Hand pressing ensures the shape and silhouette is retained, particularly around the shoulders, collar and lapel.

/ Garment Care Tips by Jeeves Hong Kong

Further tips are provided below by Jeeves Hong Kong, garment care specialists, available in multiple cities worldwide.

- never rub stains, blot with a white absorbable paper towel one piece in front and one behind.

- rubbing silk, wool or linen may result in permanent removal of the dye which becomes more apparent after dry cleaning.

- rubbing wool may cause pile damage. 

- dry cleaning relates best to oil based stains, never dab water on these as water sets the oils into the fabric.

- always tell your dry cleaner what caused the stain and what you have done in attempt to remove it.

- for seasonal ware, vacuum packing or adequate storage will preserve and protect special event attires from humidity, invisible stains, long term yellowing or colour discolouration.

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