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Merino Wool

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Baby Cashmere



Magnus & Novus offers a diverse range of cloths and merchants for bespoke, ensuring opportunities for creativity. Various weights and cloth compositions allow for the curation of a truly timeless wardrobe across the full spectrum of dress decorum and four seasons. Cloth utility, longevity, and versatility ensure that each Magnus & Novus bespoke garment is cherished and cared for over time. A selection of some of the world’s finest raw materials available at Magnus & Novus, are introduced below by Loro Piana.

/ Merino Wool

Wool is the oldest and best-known fibre in the world, and to this day the one from the Merino sheep is unrivalled in quality and touch. 

Merino is a special wool, and special care needs to be taken of the animals who produce it: they require a suitable environment along with experienced growers who are completely dedicated to their demanding work.

At one with nature, the growers personally take care of each individual animal. Their farms are magical places, set in the unspoilt countryside, nestled among rivers and waterfalls, forests and rocky sea cliffs. Here, every sheep is closely monitored, and its fleece lovingly cherished.

The Merino sheep is born to withstand the most extreme of elements thanks to its exceptionally designed coat that makes this raw material extraordinarily adaptable in making a range of fine, crease-resistant, durable, and ultra-light products.

/ Cashmere 

Cashmere derives from the Capra hircus, a small but sturdy goat with an exceptionally soft underfleece. This hidden treasure is harvested in delicate combing process that is completely harmless to the animals.

The spellbinding but inhospitable landscapes which the Capra hircus inhabits see extreme changes in temperature between day and night, as well as between seasons. This requires the goat to grow a fleece that provides both warmth and protection.

Their outer coat shields against rain, sun, and dust, and beneath is a soft underfleece which acts as a layer of insulation. This is the most precious part of the fleece, known as cashmere.

Thanks to the natural structure of the fibre, Cashmere possesses incredible insulating properties. The air trapped in the tiny spaces between the fibres forms a natural barrier that helps contain body heat and prevent cold from reaching the skin. 

/ Baby Cashmere

Obtained from the underfleece of Capra hircus kids. This fibre is incomparably soft, light and precious, baby cashmere is 15% finer than even the finest cashmere from adult goats. 

Baby cashmere is available in extremely limited quantities since it can only be gathered once in a lifetime from each kid, making it one of the rarest offerings. The fibre is obtained by gently combing the goats, helping them shed their fleece that they would have otherwise moulted naturally.

/ Vicuña

The rarest and finest animal fibre that can be found in the wild. Known as The Fibre of the Gods, this golden, ultra-soft fleece derives from a small member of the camel family that lives wild in the Andes: the vicuña. 

A vicuña can only be sheared once every two years, and a total of five times during their life. The extreme rarity of the material has made the species vulnerable to poachers who try to obtain their prized fleece. Due to renewed efforts to protect and nurture this extraordinary creature, the once threatened vicuña population has slowly recovered and is now thriving in Peru and Argentina.

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