5,000 Hand Stitches

What are the benefits of bespoke hand crafted garments? At Magnus & Novus, a hand sewn garment allows for a much broader spectrum of alterations (i.e. to cater for client weight fluctuations). Practical yet hidden details such as generous inlays to the seams for all Magnus & Novus pieces allows for the future.

See below three common requests, tips and service timeframes from our on site master tailor to fine tune your Magnus & Novus commissions, fully complimentary.*

1. Trouser Waistline - 2 - 4 working days

2. Jacket Tapering - 3 - 7 working days

3. Shoulder Structure (softer/ lighter or more structured) - 5 - 8 working days

Fit is paramount, and we take the pleasure to remind all existing clients to book an appointment to come in to see us.

To learn more, book an appointment below to receive a complimentary bespoke wardrobe consultation at the Magnus & Novus showroom in Central (click for directions)