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Bespoke Evening Wear / Tuxedo

Bespoke Evening Wear / Tuxedo

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Rare & Precious Accessories for Personalisation

Rare & Precious Accessories for Personalisation

Often the concern is the perceived, daunting task of coordinating formal attire for both day time and evening, whilst staying in sync with the bride. Whether you are a guest, groomsman, groom or bride, below is a short guide to point you in the right direction.

What Style Should I Choose?

Wedding attire should transcend trends, and it is the attention to detail that can make it distinguishable from day-to-day attire. With choices abound in bespoke, there are a few fundamentals that should be incorporated across a myriad of wedding themes and trends. The first is a suit that distinguishes itself for the occasion, a reflection of the respect for the occasion, yet not mistaken for business attire. A lighter tone cloth is often enough to make this distinction, together with the detailing of the handkerchief, the iridescent sheen oyster shell buttons or cufflinks can be enough of a distinction to offer scope for individuality. Finally, only a white shirt, white handkerchief and a timeless pair of black shoes will do to complete this formal attire.

Cloth Composition

Where tropical climates dictate the attire, requests are often made for attire that is amiable to warmer weather for both comfort and to minimise perspiration during the day's events. Envisioning the ideal summer wedding attire rest not only on the cloth selection but the internal construction of the garment. Indeed, complementing the lightest and most suitable cloth compositions, such as linen, must naturally be combined with the softest and lightest interlinings together with a full hand canvas construction (consisting of over 5,000 hand stitches). The result is an ultra lightweight, breathable attire that moulds to your body through time, is amiable to warmer climates and has the ability to maintain a beautiful drape throughout the wedding day. For added all-day comfort, wedding attire with stretch allows extra mobility together with unique travel properties, ideal for beach weddings and high humidity climates.

For bespoke, we are able to customise the structure and construction of the jacket to aid both breathability and lightness, in accordance to individual client needs.

How should I personalise my wedding attire?

The cut and styling of the suit provides the biggest opportunity for personalisation, yet there are also distinctive character traits at Magnus & Novus that allow for subtle nuances for the shirt, cufflinks, shoes and handkerchief. Whether it be the choice of iridescent sheen oyster shell buttons or matt centre horn buttons with hand polished edges every detail is simply one of a kind.

Is Bespoke right for me?

For bespoke, it is always a great opportunity to style a piece that accentuates the client’s figure and proportions, particular for the big day. For example, shorter and slimmer gentleman may benefit from our house cut one button peak lapel suiting, it provides one visual mid point that lengthens the torso and accentuates the chest. On cut, the suit jacket length should always cover the rear and the trousers worn high above the waist, both will accentuate the figure. The fit should be centred on comfort and never restrictive, a natural silhouette.

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