Timeless Bespoke Evening Wear & Tuxedos

Timeless Bespoke Evening Wear & Tuxedos

Whether for those year-end annual dinners, charity galas or in preparation for new years, a timely commission can yield real dividends. Below is a short guide to point you in the right direction.

/ What Events Wear Should I Choose?

Bespoke evening wear should transcend trends, a timeless piece that will become an integral pastime companion. With longevity in mind, there are a few fundamentals that should be incorporated across a myriad of black tie or tuxedo attire. The first is a suit that distinguishes itself for the occasion, a reflection of the respect for the occasion, yet not mistaken for business attire. One of the key defining factors is the contrast between the silk peak lapels and the body of the coat, a nostalgic atmosphere under both low and bright light conditions. Our signature one button peak lapel suiting provides one visual mid point that lengthens the torso and accentuates the chest. On cut, the suit jacket length should always cover the rear and the trousers worn high above the waist, both will accentuate the figure. The fit should be centred on comfort and never restrictive, a natural silhouette.

Together with the detailing of the handkerchief or cufflinks can be enough of a distinction to offer scope for individuality. Finally, only a white shirt, white handkerchief and a timeless pair of black shoes will do to complete this formal attire.

/ Is Bespoke Right for me?

For bespoke, it is always a great opportunity to style a piece that accentuates the client’s figure and proportions. Moreover, bespoke evening attire is an investment that will yield real dividends over time. Indeed, fit is paramount, and we take the pleasure to remind all customers the benefits of our lifetime complimentary alteration services. Please refer to our lifetime alteration guide here.

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