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Bespoke Process | Magnus & Novus

The Bespoke Experience


Bespoke Process | Magnus & Novus

The Bespoke Experience


'Timeless requisites defying the perennial limitations of implementing age-old craft'

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Lifestyle Consultation

Welcome to Magnus & Novus. At your first meeting, you will be guided through our timeless wardrobe creations for inspiration and a discussion on your lifestyle preferences that will form the basis of your bespoke sartorial journey. Discover bespoke creations here & wardrobe stylist / consultation here.

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Limitless Creativity

Magnus & Novus is home to a curated yet diverse collection of the world's finest cloths and merchants for couture, ensuring opportunities for creativity. Various weights and cloth compositions allow for the curation of a truly timeless wardrobe across the full spectrum of dress decorum and four seasons. Cloth utility, longevity and versatility ensure that each Magnus & Novus bespoke garment is cherished and cared for over time. Read our guide to the world’s finest cloth here.

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Hand Crafted Iconic Pieces

Magnus & Novus encapsulates the ideals of bespoke traditions with attentiveness and audacity through rigorous product development and research, culminating in meticulously refined and continually considered requisites that become truly timeless.

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Lifetime Complimentary Alterations

Magnus & Novus bespoke creations are investment requisites, timeless pieces that will become integral to your wardrobe. We provide lifetime complimentary alterations to ensure the bearer of any Magnus & Novus requisites will continue to look and wear better through time. Learn more here.

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Bringing Time to Your Side

At Magnus & Novus we are sensitive to time or lack of for our clients. Visit Magnus & Novus to experience first hand the character traits of the house, the feel of raw silk jacketing, the consideration of the bespoke fit, the range of fine pearl requisites and the selection of handcrafted accessories for pairings, thereafter, private appointments at home or office visits can be scheduled to bring time to your side.